Monday, December 17, 2007

There shall be no end

I sang a love song to God...
You lent me your smile when I am weary
You give me your strength when I am tired
You grant me your wisdom when I am lost
You carry me through when everyone forsake me

Is only You, only You alone
Even when I don’t have faith
Your faith on me will not fail
Your love for me overwhelm

There shall be no end
There shall be no end
There shall be no end
My praise and love for You

Too many times in my daily walk, I am short of words, lack of strength and I can barely smile. The sorrows sneak into my heart when I read the news, when brothers hurting one another, when people are prideful, selfish and manipulative…where the sign of true heart nearly extinct. I need to constantly turn my eyes to Him, and borrow all I need from Him…so I can be true to you, even you are not.

Ps: New Wallpaper for you...

Title: There shall be no end
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