Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Paper Shield

This is new! I've been wanted to do this since Dec 2009 and finally manage to put my hand together and get one up. I tried out a few size of paper con in different paper material and found this version looks the best.

I like the randomness of text appear unexpectedly from the recycle office paper I used, the black text on white paper always make people wondered if there's any other hidden messages behind...making them turn their head to read ^_~. Beside, I love this combination of blue and black, not only because it goes well with the theme of my house, but in its classic form, it has a touch of contemporary with dynamic characteristic. Then the little black ribbon is simply sweet yet extremely elegant, would you agree with me?

So, I have this wreath it place in front of my door as the welcome message to all my guests. I am thinking to customize some of these wreath in other colours for my friends. It will be a nice birthday gift too.

Do let me know if you like it too. ^_~

The wreath goes well with my Silver snowflake Christmas Deco as well. ^_~


Life for Beginners said...

I like this paper shield, I do! The contrast of textures and colours is brilliant... Here's to more creative adventures to come! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Kenny ^_~. I am glad that you like it too. It wasn't very conventional for a wreath, specially one done with paper.

Btw, any clue why it was called a shield? ^_~

And, you are always the first to support me and encourage me in everything I do! Thanks for always there for me. Hugsss!