Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CAT Story

This project taken place almost 9 years ago. I am glad I didn't lost them and I still have the full source file and final art work as well.

I love this collection, even after a long 9 years...after many many fancy project...this project remains as one of my favorite. ^_~

It was called "Cat Story" because the couple love cat. They are young, very lovely, spontaneous to ideas and full of joy. They don't want to be typical romantic heart and flower...but something more real! Life isn't perfect and they choose to live it with simplicity and contentment.

So, we go for something easy going and real to them...hand sketch drawing. In our brand storming part, I included the cat and element of leaf in the design...

The materials...

First, is the cat...it got to give that "WOW" factor to the card...it is the soul of the project and everything wrap around it. The script was one of the most FUN part, and the most challenging part is searching for the right body for the cat. It is about walking through the garden picking up leaf that works - scan and apply, and search again, scan and apply until one that finally works.

The story: He propose!

Next: The Engagement
It was produce in FLASH format and send to all their guests. Surely...it looks very simple but making it tastefully fun is the greatest joy in producing this engagement e-card. ^_~

The couple and their guests love the card. Beside, I was told some the guests even bring them a cat soft toy to bless their union.

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