Monday, January 24, 2011

2 become 1 love 1 heart

31 August 2003 is the date the couple choose for their big day. Yes, it is 8 years ago. ^_~

The couple were Malaysian but decided to settle down in Singapore for good. The Bride, Amy is a wonderful dynamic lady. She has a very clear thought of what she want and she knew it in the very first place, her's wedding card got to be a customize one and I love her for you know, fulfilling the norm is easy yet difficult.

The norm
To have something like everyone else, but looks better and looks different. Eventually, the design is more or less meaningful in the expected range.

The ought
To have something on their own which portray their personality like nobody else. It is challenging but the process is usually extremely satisfying...because you never know what's the end result.

Most importantly, I love the freedom in creativity and trust the clients gave me. ^_~ I just couldn't fail them.

I started off by observing the way she dress, the accessories she used, and finding out her favorite colours, food, movie, music and etc. All these information gave me a good tips on what design is suitable for her, and her husband love everything she choose...sweet! ^_~

The conclusion
  • They love watches (and their exchanging ring will be replace with exchanging watches - to symbolizing fruitful time together forever)
  • Seashell - Amy used to live beside the sea and collected a lot of it.
  • Contemporary & Fine Art - Amy love to draw abtract art and prefer clean cut, not-girly, not flowery, dynamic colours, shape and lines.
The result...

The collection included...
Wedding Invitation Card (Print), Wedding Invitation e-Card, Journey Together Photo Presentation Video and Pre-Wedding MTV.


Kenny Mah said...

I like their concept of exchanging watches instead of rings - très cool!

And of course, your artwork is gorgeous and intelligently-designed. Excellent work. :)

Rachel said...

Yeah..I love watches too. Not everyone will adopt this idea because watch is another form of clock. Clock is called "Chong" in Chinese, means "end". For the same reason, Chinese don't usually give clock/ watches during birthday. ^_~ However, this couple are Christian and they go against the norm.

Thanks, Kenny. All the word you wrote for enough to keep me happy and motivate me the whole day. Thanks. Hugsss