Friday, November 11, 2011

60s Style Union of Love

I been busy with lotsa commercial project and came across a request to produce 50s & 60s design. Frankly, it is quite a challenging task for me {secret for you....I am born in the 90s}.

However, after much research and experimenting...I came out with something really funky for the project, and also another one with the same style to add on to my wedding card collection. I know not many people will go for this style..but I think it will be real cool to use 50s & 60s theme in wedding. Imagining all the ladies came with their 60s hair and sexy red lips, and gents in their leather jacket and tight pant. Hot disco music with pop soda. Isn't that cool?

Anyway, do consider this card. It is available for custom order (additional stationary) and ready off the shelf purchase (just the invitation card only). Do contact me for more information and pricing. Cheers ^_~

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