Thursday, February 24, 2011

Apple of your eyes

I recently involve in an valentine events. The organizing committee came to me with this...
Theme: Loving you to the next level
Colour: Purple
Concept: Timeless
It is a wonderful theme to work on. After some communication...the team wanted something special as their name tag. Yet, nothing to obsessively cliché, I thought of this verse...
Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings
Psalm 17:8
I love the verse above. Many times we wish we could be the apple of someone eyes...especially someone we love, don't we?

It is special and suited the theme well. The organizing committee like the idea of using green apple for him, and red apple for her. So, immediately I work on to produce something classy and timeless for the event...

Since we are going for green apple and red apple, I decided to use different purple to compliment the colour of apple. So, lilac for her, and violet for him to bring out the contrast visually.

Concept wise, I harvest into the concept of LOVE. LOVE is the reason why 2 completely different people willing to work on all the differences, and come together as one. It is no other reason but LOVE alone.

Love isn't just another romantic moment which may fade with time. But, LOVE is God, who teaches us the real value of love through His son. His love is unconditional. So we too learn to love one another, and honor all the promises and vows we had for one another with all our heart...because
Those do not know LOVE do not know GOD, because God is love.
1 John 4:8

Some drama...the apple do not come with stalk! So, I attached the leaf name tag with a pin instead. It turn out very nice and cut down all the time required to tie ribbon.

Don't you think the apple looks lovely with their purple leaf? ^_~


追梦者 said...

Left my foot print..

Kenny Mah said...

That leaf-note for the apples is really a neat-yet-simple design element. Kewl! :D

Rachel said... is quite a sight when I have all the 160 apples lying on the table for 80 couples. Too bad I don't have time to take photo then due to the shortage of time. However, it is truly a joy to see it so elegantly display in if they long to be with one sweet ^_~