Monday, March 7, 2011

Chamber of Love

I have no clue why I name this series "Chamber of love" but it just came into my mind when I visualize the concept of this collection.

I love the pinkish purple kind of is sort of like too overwhelming kind of love manifested into something really great and extraordinary.

The concept is clearly into the direction of "he" met "her" under God divine appointment, and they connected and growth in their relationship since then. God is very much in the picture from the beginning, and will be the one who seal the covenant between the 2 individual - to form a complete wholesome covenant.

The "he" and "she" is later appear to be "his name" and "her name", forming a covenant seal. The seal is then widely used in all the stationary in this collection. Also, the used of love to form cursive motif gave a classic lacy look spreading elegantly across the layout...simply tasteful. I heart! ^_~

Design Available for Sale!!!

[I] Invitation - Cover

Invitation - Inside

[II] The Programme Sheet

[III] The Menu
[IV] Others Stationary
Product Description: Chamber of Love
Item ID: COL0311-001
Colour: Maroon/ Pink/ White

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Collection Included:
1. Invitation Card | 99.5 X 210mm (Fold Size)
2. Programme Sheet | 148.5 X 210 mm (Fold Size)
3. Menu | 148.5 X 210 mm (Open Size)
4. Save the Date Card | 145 X 86mm (Open Size)
5. RSVP Card | 145 X 86mm (Open Size)
6. Place Card | 49 X 80mm (Fold Size)
7. Thank you Card | 65 X 50mm (Open Size)

What is Customisable?
1. Name & Contacts
2. Date & Venue
3. Bible Verses (Christian)/ Love Quote (Non Christian)
4. Order of Ceremony
5. Songs (3 Max.) / Other Notes/ Poems/ Biography/ Messages
6. Acknowledgement
7. Menu (1 page only)

Printing Remark:
Item I/ III / IV is suitable to be print on 230 gsm white artcard/ ivory card
Item II is suitable to be print on 125gsm glossy artpaper
Item I can be print with an A4 (Front & Back)
Item II can be print with an A4 (Front & Back)
Item III can fit 2 in an A4 (Front Only)
Item IV - Save the date | fit 2 in A4 (Front Printing Only)
Item IV - RSVP Card | fit 2 in an A4 (Front Printing Only)
Item IV - Place Card | fit 6 in an A4 (Front Printing Only)
Item IV - Thank you card | fit 16 in an A4 (Front Printing Only)

Finishing Remark:
The "invitation card" can fit into standard 102 X 229mm Envelopes
The "Save the Date Card" & "RSVP Card" can fit into standard 88X152mm envelops
White ribbon on "Place card" & "Thank you" card are additional add on for those who love DIY
Name to be written on the "Place card" as sample above
Punch a hole with the single hole puncher on top of the "Thank you card" for ribbon

For more information of how to go about and the pricing...
Please contact me at rachel (at) for more information.


Kenny Mah said...

I love the colours - the complimentary maroons and dirty pinks - and the simplicity and intricacy of the hearts.

Beautiful design, dear. :)

Rachel said...

Yeah...I love it too!

I think...I am that sort of designer, I got to love the idea, else I won't be convince why others would like it too. Yet, liking something is rather subjective. Everyone has their own taste.

I hope someone will find this collection meaningful and own it soon!