Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sticky Tidbits

From the look of a dessert tidbits, but the a handmade magnet. I got it done for the Christmas door gift.

It began with a problem...low budget! Well, this often happen when you have a big group of people and you wanna give something special, yet you got no budget left for anything fancy!

So, I ended up walking along the flee market, souvenir shop and supermarket but noting catch my eyes. Finally, I decided to walk into a stationary shop to get some wrapping paper and I saw these little colourful magnet sticking on the door idea immediately hit me!

They are $2 for 6pcs! Dirt cheap eh! Since it is for Christmas, I decided to get only red and green, and decorate it with a waterproof spongy material to produce the shape I desire - bear and Christmas tree. On top of it, I also get some ready made sticky heart which only cost $3 for 60pcs. I began to imagine how it looks when I put them together...and the thought make me smile ^_~

I like to go along the concept..."Good Heart Bare Good Fruit"

I start off with creating a mold for the bear and tree...simple shape and a sharp pair of scissors is all I need to get 40pcs of cutie shade ready. Then, stick the shape on the magnet and finishing with a pinkie heart in the middle...oww, it looks so sweet and appetizing!

I place them on a ratan tray as if they are small tidbits with sweet icing. Don't they look eatable? ^_~

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Kenny Mah said...

They look good enough to eat! :D