Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vintage Inspirational Quote Art

I will be publishing my new vintage collection "Vintage Inspiration Quote Art" in a couple of days. Stay tune!

They are many form of art but I love how quote art inspire. I love how it lifts us up with just a couple of words and simple images. Every time I pass them by, it just give me daily affirmation and reminded me to live my life with gratitude. Sometime, it elevate me from my tired, depress and sadness with a different perspective about matters that enslaves me. At times, it even speak to me as a reminder to correct what is wrong >.< Do you experience that before?

Most of artwork in these collection can be printed to an A1 size.

Hope these artwork will inspire you as it did to me. Btw, they are available for purchase for personal collection with or without framing.

Do tell me what you think as we journey. ^_~

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